Hopefully things have began to move in the right direction. While Elis blood counts are still as of this AM at zero his mood, color and strength seems to be slightly better today. Late in the afternoon Eli spiked a fever which they automatically need to put him on strong IV medication in case CV its a infection but they seem more to feel that the fever is a result of his stem cells coming back to him and beezrat hashem that will be the case. The tylenol and medication brought down the fever pretty quickly BH.

This will be the 3rd shabos in a row that Eli is in CHLA. Unfortunately we have somewhat gotten used to it but with the help of Bikur Cholim, Chai Lifeline, family and friends it has made it a lot easier and comfortable. Hopefully all the brochos of Shabos will have their full effect on Elimelech Ben Basya and we will be zoche to see a refua shelayma bkarov for Eli and all cholim. A GUT SHABOS