Beezrat hashem the night and tomorrow will be better then today was. Elis blood counts have hit the bottom and he is extremely weak and very nauseous. We don’t know if he is in any real pain because Eli never complains and isn’t saying if he has any pain but as a precaution they have him on pain medication thru his IV. The pain meds cause him to be very drowsy so he slept a good portion of the day. Today’s nurse tried spoiling last nights celebration by telling Eli that they made a mistake and the medication he was receiving for his infection had one more day. We told the staff clearly that we will not break the trust Eli has in us and declined taking it. Its hard enough being here for Eli we will do whatever it is to make it easier not harder.

Being that his counts are at zero they now will try to help his system rebuild and starting today already he needed a blood transfusion which BH he has a blood bank arranged by Bikur Cholim so that he’s getting “yidishe” blood. He will need a few more transfusions and probably platelets also in the next few days. Elis main nurse will be here on Thursday and she knows and understands better then most of the other nurses what and when Eli likes and needs. I’m not complaining about any of the other nurses all have been extremely nice and caring and seem to be on a much higher level then the nurses we had in other areas of the hospital.

IYH the side effects will disappear overnight or at least hopefully subside so that Elimelech Ben Basya has a much better Thursday and an easier next few weeks that he will be in CHLA.