What a difference a day can make. Even though Elis blood and platelet counts are almost at zero for some good reason he felt very good all day aside from a few short nausea spells. He slept a decent amount during the day as a result of the medication and his counts being so low. Other then that he was playing his games and shmoozing a decent amount. He also enjoyed his new blanket his morah went so out of her way to make for Eli full of pictures of “king Eli” and even hand delivered it. This evening Eli had a smile on his face that wouldn’t go away and for the saddest reason. He was on a liquid medication for a infection and needed to take medication 4 times a day for the last 10 days. The medicine tasted horrible and after the first few times Eli took it like the champ he is. But when he found out this eve that IYH he is done he had this smile that wouldn’t go away he was just so relieved.

On Wednesday they expect Elis counts to be at zero and will most probably stay there for a good few days. He will require a few blood and platelet transfusions to get his levels back to where they need to be. We hope this process goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Bli ayin hora things have so far have been better then we planned and hopefully will stay that way or even get easier.

The only reason that Elimelech Ben Basya has had a relatively easy time during this brutal period is because of the many people that have done so much for him. The tefilos, kabalos, visitors, presents, pictures, cards, food deliveries, phone calls, texts, emails all really keep him happy and busy. Thank you all so much.