We didn’t get as much time to relax as we would of liked over shabos due to Eli not sleeping to well and having a lot of pain in his mouth (a side effect from the chemo he got a week ago). There were few things he was able to eat but was mostly eating a lot of freeze pops. One good thing was that he had more strength then he has had lately and that’s probably a result of the blood transfusion he got on Friday. It seems for now that Eli can’t have both an appetite and strength at the same time. We hope that trend will end as soon and as quick as possible.

Eli of course insisted on going to shul Shabos morning and although it takes him a while to get himself physically together in the morning we finally did get there and he even walked a decent amount. We are hoping Eli has a good nights sleep and wakes up with no pain and full of strength so that we can have a full week of working him back to full strength.

As always Elimelech Ben Basya can use our tefilos and they are a big part of what’s getting us and Eli thru these tough few weeks and months and we hope to have a much better and relaxed week. A GUT VOCH