There was not much change in the last day or so for Eli. He has a lot of pain in his throat, jaws and mouth and some sores on his tongue and to say the least he’s not very happy or comfortable. He has been taking medication to help subside the pain and it helps but only to a certain point. This is a result of this past round of chemo and although we were expecting it we thought that since it hadn’t happened yet it won’t happen. Unfortunately Eli wasn’t so lucky and he is having the side effects now. There wasn’t much we were able to do to relax him other then medication and ices and fresh air.
This week on Tuesday beezrat hashem they will start a long batch of testing so that we can hopefully have a good idea on how Eli is doing and if the chemo, surgery and everything we have done and he has gone thru is doing what it should. While the tumor was taken out during surgery we hope and daven that it hasn’t started to grow again. Aside from that they have to see how its affecting the cancer in his bones to see if it has gone away or started to disappear etc.

We look forward and daven non stop that Elimelech Ben Basya will not have any more pain. Also that the next few weeks with all the scans he will be having that all results should be as good if not better then what they hope for so that we can help Eli continue fighting this machla.