What a day. Eli was full of strength, humor and great energy all day and we really took advantage of every minute. Eli had a checkup at CHLA late in the afternoon and agreed to leave the stroller at home and walked around the hospital and everywhere alone with BH no difficulties. When we got to see his DR we finally got the word that bli ayin hora Eli is up to par and they have a bed available for him to begin transplant on Thursday at 2PM IYH. While we have been dreading this for a long time at the same time we are also very happy that BH he has reached the level where the DRs are comfortable enough with the progress and the scans to go ahead with it and hopefully Eli will get thru this in record time.

We were also explained and told what to expect and a lot of the basic rules. The transplant is expected on average to last 30 days and during that period Eli can’t leave his room, can’t have more then 2 other people in the room (including parents), and no one other then Eli may eat in his room. They will require him to take a bath daily, brush his teeth and clean his mouth many times a day. There are MANY other requirements and regulations all to benefit Eli some that we know about and can deal with others that we will learn and deal with as time goes on. Anything that comes in his room must be able to be thoroughly cleaned and should be laminated as each item needs to be wiped clean. Shoes have to be covered so that no dust or germs can be brought in. Hands need to be washed for 2 minutes each time one enters the room and the list goes on.

We hope with the help of the RBSO that this will go as quick as possible and with as little pain as possible and with the most benefit possible for Elimelech Ben Basya so that we can help him continue on this very long road to his refua shelayma. Please continue to have Eli in mind in your tefilos as he will most definitely be needing them and counting on them for the next few weeks especially. Tizku lmitzvos.