Once again we win. We have since Eli was diagnosed always prepared for the hardest and hope for the best and for this treatment we were prepared for what we thought is this basically a type of jail. Completely wrong BH. Extremely nice and caring staff so far and it is basically the same type of room that Eli has always had other then a lot less private as there is a glass wall so that the nurses can constantly keep an eye on Eli and the IV and everything else.

Eli got to CHLA on time at 2PM and after being checked in and reviewing some of the rules and procedures was led to his room. After relaxing and playing games finally at 8PM they hooked up the IV which is a medication to try to help avoid some side effects that the chemo can cause. At midnight they will IYH begin hydration for about 4 hours and at 4AM they will begin what they call high dose chemo. During the chemo to make sure all is going ok in a 2 hour span they will draw and test his blood 9 times!!! BH all this is done thru his line and hopefully they will be quiet so that I and Eli will be able to sleep thru it. This will be what they plan on doing for the next 5 nights beezrat hashem.

Haven’t asked many questions as to what takes 30 days as we are just hoping to get thru this as easy and quick as possible. Thanks to everyone for their words of chizuk before we went in and for the constant tefilos. We look forward to being zoche to see Elimelech Ben Basya have a redua shelayma.