As the days pass Eli continues bli ayin hora to get stronger. He was in a great mood today and enjoyed the day to its fullest. It started with a small outing the morning with Bassy and was followed by his rebbi Rabbi Jacobs coming to learn with him. When I finally got home we got out together to get some games he wanted. He then ate a huge supper and decided he needs to go for a walk which we decided to go to our shul where a pidyon haben was taking place and ate some more there as well.

The day didn’t stop there as we then stopped by bubby and zaidys house to say good bye to them as they go on a short trip back east for a first cousins chasuna and being that we are unable to go we decided to make our own dance at home and it lasted quite a while with Eli being the choson and dancing up a storm. He really enjoyed it and definitely had one of his most memorable days IYH it should only continue like this.

Typical CHLA style we didn’t get any further info yet as to when exactly they want Elimelech Ben Basya to check in for transplant. Their communication skills are horrible to put it mildly but at this point we are not complaining as we are taking advantage of every moment we have with Eli. I hope to find out if we are still going to start transplant on Thursday or if it will be next week. Please continue to daven that we should be zoche to such beautiful days and IYH bkarov with Eli having a refua shelayma AMEN