So far so good. Another day another test and more BH good results. We received the results from Elis Blood/kidney test he took on Monday and they were very good. Eli also has been lately starting to somewhat feel normal and has been getting out quite a bit and even had a friend over today for the first time in a while. We hope he will be up to getting to shul and walking as much as possible.

On Friday IYH Eli will be undergoing a bone marrow test which will require him to have general anesthesia for the hopefully easy and short procedure and he should be able to be home well before Shabos if all goes well. We look forward to enjoying a nice walk to Pico for the final seuda of Shavous to be with my parents.

We hope and daven that we have a relaxed, enjoyable, uneventful Shavous and hope that the next few days, weeks, months and years until 120 for Elimelech Ben Basya will be only with gezunt and strength and everything we all hope and daven for. GUT YOM TOV