BH we had a beautiful relaxed YT together as a family. We spent time together played games, went to shul, took walks and a then a very long walk today to Pico to be with my parents for the seudah and the rest of the day. Bli ayin hora Eli hasn’t been this strong and in such high spirits in a very long time and it was really good to see that after all he is and has gone thru he still has his cuteness and sense of humor. The sad part is that we get another reality check on Friday early morning as Eli will be going to CHLA for a hopefully very minor surgery to check his bone marrow. We hope it will be as quick and painless as can be and that this test will follow the pattern of the last few with only good results.

We need to be in the hospital at 7:30AM and haven’t exactly been told when we should plan on being able to go home but IYH it should be before Shabos. Hopefully things will so smoothly so that we can once again have a relaxed shabos together and continue to help Eli regain his strength and spirits as we help him along this long road to IYH a refua shelayma. Next we will have some more tests and scans all needing to be done prior to the planned stem cell transplant scheduled IYH for the 27th which will require Eli to be in the hospital for about a month straight.

Please continue to have Elimelech Ben Basya in mind in all your tefilos, kabalos etc as we do whatever it takes to get to the ultimate goal of being IYH disease free and back to himself. These next few days and weeks will be very trying for him and he can use all the chizuk possible.