Eli had a very long yet a very good day. It started early this morning with a scheduled appointment in CHLA at 8AM where they drew his blood 3 times over a 5 hour period. He also had scheduled a hearing test for later in the afternoon but BH I was able to get them to do the 3 minute test immediately after the blood tests. We don’t yet have the results of the blood tests but Eli BH did very well on the hearing test (which very often has a negative affect after 6 rounds of chemo).

After going home and eating a nice sized lunch Eli went to school for the first time in months where he was met by his class and his special morah who texts, calls and sends him updates daily and they had today a magician and a party and was really extra special how the morah and the class went out of their way and were extremely happy to see Eli. Elis bubby, zaidy, aunt and both myself and Bassy all went as well to join in the fun and it was really special and beautifully done. Thank you very much morah.

We hope Elimelech Ben Basya continues to get good results on all his tests and scans. IYH on Friday he is scheduled for a small procedure which he will need some anesthesia but will IYH be able to go home same day. There are also very important tests ahead next week all of which we hope to continue receiving positive good results.