Last night and today felt like it would never end for us. We were given initially wrong information as to how long we should expect to be in the ICU for. First we were told possibly not at all but if he does go it will be anywhere from a few hours to 2 days. That info was completely incorrect and we are being told now by the doctors that since the surgery was as invasive as it was and as long as it was if he is out of the ICU within a week from when he got there we should be very happy.

The reason we are anxious to get out of the ICU now is because they need to see that he can do certain things on his own and therefore his sedation has been wearing off. And while its good to see Eli up and responsive he is extremely uncomfortable having the tubes in his nose and throat and not being able to talk or do much while being fully understanding of what’s going on. He is on a lot of pain medication but it doesn’t keep him sedated. The doctors have seen significant improvement and most of the numbers they need to see are either already there or close to it however they won’t remove it until all the numbers are there and stay that way for a period of time as gd forbid they should remove it and then feel he needs it and then have to replace it which is another procedure.

Eli was visited by some family and friends along with Mrs Esther Schwartz from Chai lifeline who helped us arrange this surgery and arrange our NY stay etc. Sori and Ari haven’t been themselves and I had to make a hard decision and leave Eli in NY with Bassy and head back to LA to be with them. Hopefully Elis recuperation will IYH pick up a lot of speed and they will be able to move the process along so that Eli will be back in LA asap.

Please daven for Elimelech Ben Basya that he should not have any further pain and should be released from the ICU asap so he can move along in the recovery process and be able to head back to LA for further treatments.