The day went as good as can be expected according to the doctors. There were bli ayin hora none of the complications that we were warned to expect. While Eli is still for the most part under heavy sedation he still opens his eyes here and there for short periods of time and can communicate a little with squeezing and shaking his head. They have to restrain his hands so that he doesn’t try to pull out the many different machines he Is hooked up to.

They are hoping that by the morning Eli will IYH be stable enough that they can remove the tubes in his nose and mouth slowly. After they feel he is ready to do that and when that process is done he will be off of sedation but will continue to receive pain medication thru IV and thru the epidoral they have him hooked up to. Then there are many more steps they need to do before they can discharge him from the ICU to a regular room and that may all take place as soon as Monday night but more likelly not until Tuesday or so.

Eli got visits today from his bubby and zaidy from Lakewood and some of his uncles and aunts. While it was hard for them to see Eli in the current state he is in it helped that he was able to let them know that he saw them by squeezing their fingers and shaking his head yes and no to their questions and of course the main question was always are you in pain which he has always said “no” to BH.

We have our other children being well taken care of by family and close friends and being that the kids weren’t given any notice that we were going to NY because we weren’t sure until a few minutes before we left they are pretty traumatized and therefore I will IYH be leaving NY back to LA if all goes well on Monday night and stay until Thursday and then will head back to NY and let Bassy go back to LA and I will stay in NY until Eli is ready to come home.

We have been flooded with reports of so many different things being done in Elimelech Ben Basya zchus its truly amazing and heart warming and never will we be possibly be able to thank anyone properly. IYH we will all dance at Elis seudas hodah when this saga is over.