Bli ayin hora we have some good news that will IYH be the beginning of only good news. This morning the doctors were finally confident enough that Eli was able to breath on his own and were able to remove the vent. Once it was out they were also able to remove the restraints that had Elis hands tied down so they he doesn’t just pull out the vent which he tried doing many times due to the fact of how uncomfortable it was. Hopefully on Wednesday they will also be able to remove the line he has in his nose to help drain fluids from within his body. Each step takes time and he has to have reached certain numbers to allow for each thing to happen.

They haven’t let Eli eat solids yet and is being fed via IV but he did drink and chew on some ice chips which helped his sore throat which is sore as a result of the vent that was inside for nearly 3 full days. We hope to get a idea of what the timetable in NY will look like tmrw so we will be able to decide on if I will go back alone or if we will bring the other kids to NY as they are not themselves without Bassy or Eli and we don’t want them not seeing each other for such an extended period of time.

Eli was visited by many family members and friends which he sometimes enjoyed and sometimes wasn’t really up to it. He has and will IYH always have either Bassy or myself ALWAYS with him when he’s in the hospital as that’s who he feels most comfortable with and we can’t deny him anything when he’s going thru such a tough period.

I have only begun to realize how much help our children Ari and Sori received in the few days that we were gone in NY from being brought to school, receiving a lot of love and extra care in school by their morah, teachers, principles etc, fed, played with, family and friends sleeping in our home with them so that they should feel at home and the list goes on and on. As always I will continue to say we can not and will not properly be able to thank these people and we know that IYH the ultimate schar we would like to see and the world to see is Elimelech Ben Basyas FULL RECOVERY and nothing less IYH BKAROV.