A GUT VOCH. We had a very long day but BH all seems to have gone well. We were in the pre-op room at 6AM and they wheeled Eli into the surgery room already sedated at 730. We met again just before that with the surgeon and anesthesiologist who gave us the plan once again. A nurse came out of the OR every 90 minutes or so with a small basic update but the surgery finally ended at 5PM. The DR came out and told us what went on and felt that because of the length of the surgery that Eli should be in the ICU for about 2 days so Eli was transferred by ambulance 2 blocks away to Cornell Hospital which has a special ICU.

The DR said the surgery went as well as he had hoped for BH and he removed everything that was affected. Eli now has a pretty large incision that will take some time to heal and IYH will. He is now attached to numerous machines all which are standard after a surgery and it will be at least 24-48 hours before they want him to fully wake up. He will be on continuous pain medication so that he will rest comfortably and that he should stay sedated and not want to pull any of the machines attached to him out.

The next few days will go based on how Eli reacts and feels and will be very closely monitored by a team of doctors, nurses, surgeons etc. As soon as he no longer needs to be in the ICU he will be transferred back to Sloan Kettering Hospital where he will stay until they feel he is ready to be discharged which can be as little as 5 days or as long as it takes but probably closer to 10 days from now.

We thank everyone literally from across the world who have done many different zechusim on behalf of Elimelech Ben Basya some who davened early, davened longer, woke up early to say tehilim when the surgery started, davened at the kosel and the list is endless. I can honestly say we were literally able to feel it and appreciate it and will need it continuously this week and in the weeks and months ahead until we see Eli have the full refua he needs BKAROV.