After the few short hours of sleep Eli got we needed to wake him at 7:20AM for a 8AM appt with the surgeon. We went thru a lengthy registration process and finally met the DR who gave us the rundown of what he will be doing. In short we need to be at the hospital at 6AM for pre-op for a scheduled 730AM surgery. The surgeon did advise us that Eli will likely need to be transferred to the ICU in Cornell hospital for anywhere from a few hours to a few days as SKCC does not have an ICU. As the surgeon said “it will take as long as it takes until the job is done. It will be at least 5 hours and up to 18 hours but probably and hopefully closer to the 5 hour mark”. The recovery is planned to take anywhere for 7-12 inpatient days some of which myself and Bassy will be there for and some of which just one of us will be there but as always one of us will always IYH be with Eli.

After the consultation we took Eli to enjoy himself a little to the Empire state building and he really enjoyed the view from up on top of the observatory.

We have what they are telling us a long few days ahead. Hopefully they will be wrong about most of what they have told us and that Eli will have a short and easy full recuperation with the least pain possible but regardless he and we will need everyone to have him in mind in all their tefilos etc to get us thru it.

I hope to have time right after shabos to update good news on Elimelech Ben Basyas surgery to everyone. Gut Shabos