BH we have landed in NY late Thursday night after a very smooth good flight and will be sleeping in Manhattan by my cousin who really went all out to host us. We flew at 4:15PM landed at 12:30AM and were in the city by 1:20. Chai Lifeline which hopefully no one should ever need but if they are needed are so helpful have gone extreme lengths to make this surgery happen beezrat hashem and have taken it a step further and even arranged our flights today. We definitely couldn’t of done this without them.

On Friday morning actually in a few hours from now we have a 8AM appt with the surgeon in the hospital at which time we will find out a few details and some rules. We are hoping to give Eli a small tour of NYC after that.

Hoping and davening that all will go smooth and bshah tova for Elimelech Ben Basya and us as we continue on the road to IYH a full refua BKAROV

2 thoughts on “4/4/13

  1. Shloime & Malkie Sender

    Malkiel & Bassy & Eli – we are IYH hoping for this surgery be very successful with Hashem’s help and be with hatzlacha. Not a day goes by that we are not thinking about Eli and davening for him. We will be keeping you in mind over Shabbos.
    “Shabbos Hi Militzok U’Refuah Krovah Lavoh!”
    The Senders -Far Rock

  2. Tzippy Biegeleisen

    Hi Malkiel & Bassie & Eli,

    Just letting you know that I’m always thinking of you Elimelech and davening that you should have a Refuah Shelaima BKOROV…
    Tzippy Biegeleisen

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