This morning we for the first time in a long while we saw some minor improvement in Eli gaining some strength. Bli ayin hora he didn’t need us to carry him for the short distances he has needed us to do lately. The morning was spent waiting at home for the hospital to call us to let us know when a bed will become available. After we realized that there wasn’t going to be an open bed in the AM Eli went for ice cream with Bassy and really enjoyed getting out.

Finally at 3PM we got the call that an open bed was available for Eli. After going thru the admission process Eli finally settled into a bed at about 5PM. There is a long hydration process prior to the actual chemo being administered and that will go on until his body has reached certain levels and then chemo will begin. As I write this Eli is still awake and BH in a good mood and hopefully this round of chemo will not come with the normal hard side effects that usually are associated with this round.

Hopefully the week will go by without any side effects, pain or anything else chas vashalom and all that should take place is the chemo doing what it should which is bring Elimelech Ben Basya closer to a refua shelayma.