We are just about done 24 hours out of 72 hours of round 6 chemo. Most of the day went pretty smoothly but slowly as the day went on it got harder for Eli. We decided to try to be proactive and make sure he’s on some of the medication prior to actually feeling the side effects so that he either won’t feel them or it will be a little easier. The side effect of being on these medications are exhaustion so Eli slept a good part of the afternoon and hopefully will sleep comfortable thru the night.

The plan is the actual chemo will run beezrat hashem until late Thursday night followed by some more hydration and IYH on Friday they will discharge Eli. We have already began scheduling the weeks after that and there is a lot ahead all of which we are hopeful will have the results and outcome of only good news. Eli will be having many different types of scans to make sure that the chemo and treatments are having the affect they are meant to be having.

Mazal tov to my sister Rikki who is engaged to Chaim Stein from Flatbush who for our own selfish reasons hope the wedding won’t be for a while so that Rikki can continue helping us with Eli and the other kids while he goes thru treatment. Unfortunately Eli wasn’t able to be at the vort but we look forward to making up for it at the wedding with Eli being full of energy.

Hopefully the medication will help and that chas vshalom Elimelech Ben Basya should not have any side effects from the current treatment and beezrat hashem the next few days and weeks will continue to fly by as we continue to watch Eli have a refua shelayma bkarov

I was notified this evening of another frum child that was diagnosed with nebach the same disease as Eli and I’m asking everyone to please keep this 1 year old child in their tefilos as well. Her name is Chana Tova bas Esther Shoshana and we should all be zoche to see ALL cholim have an immediate and full recovery. AMEN

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  1. anonymous

    Kol hamavakesh rachamim al chavero vhu tzorich loso davar HU NENEH TCHILAH; baba kama 92a

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