Eli spent the day at home mostly relaxing aside from a short hour outing to get some fresh air and a few things that he wants to have in CHLA. While he showed some signs of his spirits coming back he hasn’t shown any improvement in the weakness dept. He struggles to keep his breath after a few short steps and has to sit down or be carried.

There are two ways to look at the coming week one is that how on earth is he physically going to be able to handle the chemo while being so weak? And the other is BH he is getting chemo which beezrat hashem will be a step close to his refua. This week will be a big test to us and hopefully Eli will help us pass it easily. BH the “flu season” at CHLA is officially over so Sori and Ari who have a very hard time understanding why Eli keeps going to the hospital and for the last few months haven’t been able to visit him while he is there will be able to visit him IYH.

We are hoping that they will have bed for Elimelech Ben Basya early Monday morning so that if all goes ok the earlier he gets in is the earlier at the end of the week that he can come home. Please be mispalel that all that we are going to get this week is just treatment with no side effects so that Eli can continue and have the strength to fight this machla until he has a refua shelayma BKAROV