After a long 10 days of being in NY for surgery and recovery we finally landed back in LA late Monday night. Eli was thrilled to finally feel some normalcy after being in surgery, ICU, POU, shared room, stuffed in a small hotel room and just not being in a normal surrounding and far away from home. While he is extremely weak from everything going on we hope to help him slowly regain his strength and to get his spirits lifted to the way they were before surgery and the way we know him.

We are hoping that it will be ok with the doctors to postpone the next round of chemo until next week as we really don’t feel physically or emotionally Eli is ready for it and we definitely are not up to it either. Sori and Ari are extremely happy and relieved to finally see Eli home and we hope they get some bonding time together before next round of chemo.

There are many organizations that have helped tremendously on behalf of Eli in many different aspects and we can’t thank them enough. This entire trip to NY would not have been possible at all without Chai Lifeline. They arranged EVERYTHING for us and made it as if it was no big deal and always done quickly with no fan fare. I don’t have proper words of hakaras hatov.

Please continue to daven for Elimelech Ben Basya that he should fully regain his strength and spirit. We hope to see him shortly with his bubbly personality and full of strength BKAROV