Eli had mostly a very relaxed day with not much on the agenda other then spending time at home and very slowly getting back to himself. He is extremely weak and most things have been pretty hard for him to do. On a more positive note he is back home and asked for one of his favorite dinners and ate a few portions of it. He was visited today by family in LA who haven’t seen him since he left to NY for surgery.

On Wed Eli has a scheduled DR appt with his DR at CHLA and most likely will be told that round 6 of chemo will begin on Monday 4/22. We will be doing anything and everything possible to help him gather the strength to be able to be ready for this harsh round which last time he had it had very bad side effects. Hopefully the side effects will not happen this time as we know what to expect and will IYH be proactive and give him medication before the side effects happen to limit them as much as possible.

Elimelech Ben Basya most definitely needs our tefilos now more then ever and we hope that the next few days will see a large improvement as we continue down the road in hopes of nothing less then a full refua.