We had a very relaxed morning with some friends and family that came to visit Eli in our hotel. Eli then insisted on going to Monsey to see his cousins which he has been wanting to do since we got to NY and now I can see why. They did not disappoint as for when we got there a lot of his cousins, aunts, and uncles took the drive and set up a big welcoming and a full party in his honor. He spent the afternoon there eating pizza, cake and laughing with the family he will remember today for a long time.

On Monday morning Eli has a DR appt at MSKCC to check that all is ok which IYH will be the case and we hope soon after we get the ok to head back to LA. Being that he has a very long, very invasive surgery done just over a week ago we hope that the organizations that help children with cancer fly on a private jet will be able to help so that Eli can be most comfortable and most of all away from the many germs that are Ina commercial flight. While we look forward to getting Eli back home to be with his mother, brother, sister and the rest of the family unfortunately he will be going right back to CHLA for round 6 of chemo. We hope to get a night or 2 prior to spend at home but that all depends on when we get back to LA.

We hope the DRs will continue to be happy with the way Elimelech Ben Basya is recuperating from the surgery and we will continue davening
that he will be cleared to fly home beezrat hashem either on Monday or Tuesday so we can continue treatment.