A GUT VOCH. BH VERY good unexpected news the DRs felt on Shabos morning that the only tube left that was still attached to Eli was safe to remove. With a deep breath it came right out and Eli was beyond relieved. He immediately sat up and started asking for food and although he has eaten since surgery it was nothing like this. First it was a nice bowl of cereal and then it was a full meal of chulent, kugel, cold cuts in his hospital bed. We got a visit from my cousin who took the one hour walk from the West Side and hung out with us and it really made the boring shabos in the hospital a lot better. The good news continued shortly after that with the DR saying Eli was well enough to be discharged from the hospital which initially wasn’t planned until at least Tuesday.

We waited until Shabos was over and we went directly to our room we have down the block at the Ronald Mcdonald and relaxed there all motzei shabos with some family visitors that shlepped to come see us. Eli ate some pizza tonight and just relaxed which he really needed and enjoyed as he is extremely tired still. We have a scheduled visit early Monday morning to IYH get the all clear from the surgeon to be able to travel back to LA and we hope to do that as quick as possible after we get that clearance.

We are continuing to daven that the new for Elimelech Ben Basya continues to stay only good and positive and hope to be back in LA as quickly and as soon as possible.

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  1. Dvorah Litenatsky

    such good news and progress. We are all following you and sharing the joy. Halevai vaiter for a refuah shleimah mehira.

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