Bli ayin hora the good news started in the morning and continued most of the day. The doctors felt this morning that Eli was strong enough that he can have the tube that was in his nose since surgery removed and that he is also strong enough to be moved out of the ICU and into Sloan Hospital. Although Eli himself needs to be cheered up a little the news for us couldn’t of been much better as we were not really expecting this until at earliest Thursday. Eli even walked on his own for the first time since surgery after they had planned that he will need physical therapy to help him back on his feet.

So basically all in all under the circumstances Eli had a great day. IYH on Thursday Bassy and I will switch places and I will head back to NY and Bassy will head back to LA. We are hoping that Eli only continues improving from this point on as hopefully the doctors will allow him to be released sooner then we hoped for.

There are some people that you can always count on and when you need something they are ALWAYS ready to help. Eli needed a simple small thing today and Bassy was alone and I made a call and boom it was arranged and there within 15 minutes. Another example I was looking for mileage to get Bassy back home and had many offers of people trying to help but as usual its the same people that always come thru and always want to remain anonymous and we owe them and many others extreme hakaras hatov.

On a separate note as much as Bassy is Elis mother and of course cares the most for him there is no way any of us could get thru this trying time without her upbeat mood. She has always been there every second and always ready to try to do more to continuously do what’s best for Eli, myself and the rest of the family. The last few days have been extremely difficult seeing Eli on a vent, in pain, not sleeping, uncomfortable, and sometimes rightfully so angry and thru it all she has always kept her smile and strength which is the reason I am able to keep my head help up high and why Eli is having a easier time to. Eli is the luckiest child in the world to have such a loving and caring mother and I am the luckiest man in the world and all I can simply say is THANK YOU BASSY.

The next few days we will continue davening that the pace only picks up speed in Elmelech Ben Basyas recovery so that he can be released from the hospital asap and return to LA to be with his brother and sister and back to a little normalcy before we continue treatment in CHLA.