BH we can add another good day to the list. Eli is slowly getting back to himself and was able to walk a little, eat real solid foods, and even seemed to finally be getting some of his bubbly personality back. It has been a rough week for him but as always he has pulled thru and IYH will be discharged from the hospital and head back to LA as soon as the doctors feel he is ready for that possibly even early in the week.

After the surgery Eli was on 6 different IVs and had 5 different tubes attached and bli ayin hora that is down to one IV and one tube which is also meant to be coming out soon. He is now in a room in Sloan hospital called the POU (pediatric observation unit) which is a private room unlike many other rooms here which are shared. He doesn’t BH need to be in this room but is being kept there at our and Chai Lifelines request so that he has some quiet to recuperate from surgery.

It is very good to be back in NY and to see BH the many improvements Elimelech Ben Basya has had since the time I left Monday evening and IYH that will continue at a even quicker pace. I look forward to meeting Dr Brian Kushner on Friday who is the main DR in this field here at Sloan and hearing any advice and ideas he may have for down the road for Eli. He also is the DR that insisted that we come to NY for surgery for Eli and we now see why he felt that way.