Friday morning was just complete relaxation time for Eli until about 12:30PM when his rebbi Rabbi Jacobs came and learned with him and even finished the parsha with him. At about 1PM it was off to CHLA where he went for a scheduled short test which kept us there for less then 20 minutes BH. Friday night of course Eli went to shul and was in a great mood saying hello to everyone and davening. He enjoyed the Friday night seuda with some family friends and ate a very nice amount and went to sleep late.

I had to wake him shabos morning for davening which he is usually up early for but BH slept pretty late. Then we had kidush and went ate the seuda with a big appetite, came home and had a few friends waiting for him. Motzei shabos we went to the final motzei shabos learning program of this year and the first raffle picked who wins??? None other then King Eli he was beaming with joy. We then went to pizza for a siyum on the parsha that he finished on Friday which his rebbi awarded him.

With a busy medical schedule hopefully planned for this week including 5 days of chemo if Elimelech Ben Basyas blood counts allow for it we need to daven and hope that the usual side effects that generally come with this type of chemo (extreme nausea) DO NOT happen. A GUT VOCH