Eli was in a great mood and overall had a very good day. Started the day off with his sisters birthday party for her class and spent the rest of the afternoon at home. At about 6:45 a friend of ours offered us his tickets to the Clippers basketball game which Eli loves to go to so even though we were a few minutes late we were there for most of the game which we really enjoyed. After a late filling dinner it was finally off to bed at 10:00PM hoping Eli will sleep late.

IYH on Monday we will once again be headed to CHLA where we are hoping Elis blood counts will be high enough to begin round 5 of chemo. Once we are there they will do a quick blood test and we should know results within 2 hours if we will be staying for the week or needing to come back a few days later. We want to get it over with so that Eli will be strong enough to enjoy Pesach. The longer we push it off the closer to Pesach it is.

Hoping to only hear good news with Elimelech Ben Basya. Please keep him in mind in hopes that the blood counts will be good and that the week should go as good as possible with no side effects.