Eli started the day off very well and BH it ended well also. With not much other then his basic regular schedule scheduled for today he mostly took it easy this morning. At about noon he was taken out by 2 Chai Lifeline volunteer bochurim who took him for lunch for pizza and then to chuckee cheese to play some games and he really had a blast and enjoyed it all. He also felt very good and instead of a bunch of pain medication every few hours he only had one all day.

He BH also looked better today as we continue to hope that his blood counts are climbing as well to hopefully be able to be strong enough to begin chemo as planned on Monday beezrat hashem. Monday mornings blood test will tell us if that can happen or if it will have to wait a few extra days. Eli received a letter today which he receives EVERY single week without fail from a choshuveh family friend and it lightened up his evening (letters, mail, texts, email makes him feel extremely special).

As usual we are asking everyone to keep Elimelech Ben Basya in mind so that the days, weeks, months ahead should all be easy and pain free on the road to Elis refua shelaima.