I’m not sure how to rate a day like today because the night wasn’t fun as Eli had extreme pain yet for the most part the rest of the day was BH pretty good. Once he was up and took his pain medications he felt somewhat normal and ate. He then was taken out by a friend for lunch which he really enjoyed and ate a lot there. This evening however he had pains that he hasn’t really had and the only thing that was able to calm him down was a bath. Hopefully Eli will sleep a full night without any pain and wake up in a good mood pain free.

On Wed morning its back to CHLA for a scheduled Dr appt and most probably a blood transfusion. They will check his blood counts which we are hoping are either already good or on their way to being good enough to begin chemo on Monday. Eli has a whole list of his own questions for the doctor and hopefully they will be answered the way he wants them to be and will help him understand as to why he has the pains he’s having etc.

We continue non stop doing everything possible for Elimelech Ben Basya to keep him comfortable and as pain free as possible and we hope our tefilos and zchusim are all being directed for Eli. We look forward to having only good reports and seeing Eli continue on his way to a full recovery.