Eli had a productive yet very busy day today which started as soon as he woke up with a nice breakfast that he ate BH without any medication and with no pain. Then it was off to CHLA where there was a long wait just to get started but once he got started things seemed to be moving along. They drew his blood and as expected he needed a blood transfusion. So for some reason they felt that since he would need a transfusion and being that it was already 1130AM and the transfusion until they bring the blood and actually start takes about 3-4 hours they put our DR visit to take place later in the day and true to CHLA style they of course didn’t tell us that. So Bassy and I both sat there for many hours waiting to speak to the DR who we called, emailed etc to find out when she would be in and didn’t get answered.

To make a long story short Bassy had to leave and therefore when the DR finally did walk in at 330PM we had to conference Bassy in for the meeting as it was car pool time. Basically we got a good idea of what the next few weeks and months should beezrat hashem look like and while its not going to be fun at all we have full faith that it will have the outcome that we are expecting a full recovery for Eli IYH. It doesn’t seem based on Elis blood #s from today that he will be ready for chemo on Monday but we know doctors have been wrong and hopefully this will be one of those times as the sooner we get it over with the sooner he is home and the more time he has to recuperate before Pesach. Its looking as of now that surgery will hopefully be the week after Pesach.

Knowing that as we continue on this long road of Elimelech Ben Basyas treatment and subsequent FULL recovery is going to get harder before it gets easier we will be asking of anyone and everyone to continue to have him in mind in hopes of having no pain, side effects or anymore bumps in the road. We look forward to the day that we can close this blog with a big sign. CASE CLOSED FULL REFUA ACCOMPLISHED