The last few days are slowly getting better for Eli but there is plenty of room until he and we get a little normalcy back. The pain is gradually getting better but it still has a way to go. BH Eli was prescribed some numbing medication which definitely helped ease the pain but certain foods and temperatures of the food still set the pain off. His color is also extremely pail which generally means his blood counts are low. Basically the bottom line is he is improving but very slightly.

The next few days and weeks are going to determine for one when he will be able to begin round 5 of chemo which is tentatively scheduled for a week from today but that’s only if his blood counts allow for that. Also if the chemo doesn’t start it will postpone surgery which is the next step after round 5. We are hoping that he will be up to it in hopes that the recuperation from the chemo will allow Eli to be up to being part of the family and the seder come Pesach.

BH today Eli was finally up to learning again with his rebbi Rabbi Jacobs and also have a friend come over after school to play with him. He also for the first time in 2 weeks went to eat something and actually ate it all as opposed to a few small bites.

Please continue to have Elimelech Ben Basya in mind in your tefilos etc in hopes that things will continue on schedule and that chas vshalom he should no longer have any pains and we should see him and all cholim have a complete refua BKAROV