Eli woke up today very late after going to sleep very late but BH he felt a lot better then the last few days. Although it was still hard for him to eat at least he made an attempt and was successful for the most part. I took him to the Clippers game today and he even made it to the jumbotron which made him feel very special and excited (thanks to a friend who gave us the tix and for arranging to get us on the screen). Eli then relaxed for the rest of the day and decided we should make a late night stop for ice cream which he enjoyed.

BH that we didn’t have to watch Eli in pain all day today as we have the last few days and we were finally able to see a smile on his face. Hopefully this will be the way it will stay as the hardest thing is to see him in pain. With nothing other then a Dr appt set for this week our goal as usual is to keep Eli healthy and eating a lot so he can have the strength to continue on the long road to his full recovery.

Please continue to have Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel is your tefilos and kabalos in hopes of keeping the pain and side effects away and that he should chas vshalom not get nay fevers or anything like that so we can continue to help Eli fight until he has a FULL refua BKAROV