GUT VOCH. Hopefully after a VERY rough last few days this week will be better. The sores and pain that Eli is going thru since Wed is hard to believe or see. He hasn’t been able to eat as there are basically small painful open wounds on his tongue and throat all as a result of the chemo. He is extremely weak as a result and has lost a significant amount of weight. He has been on Codine for the last few days to try to relieve some of the pain and it does help but not while he tries to eat.

As shabos was ending he forced himself thru all his pain to eat and he succeeded with some of it but it wasn’t fun. On Motzei Shabos he had the honor of holding up the prizes at the motzei shabos learning program in bais yehuda and was very proud to be there for the first time in nearly 3 months. After he said “daddy I want pizza” so I gladly took him and he even succeeded in having a few small bites without any major pains. Hopefully he will wake up on Sunday morning in a better mood and no pain so that he can finally start eating and getting some food in his system and gaining some much needed weight.

Elimelech Ben Basya needs our tefilos so we can stop seeing him going thru so much pain in hopes of seeing him get strong again and like Lipa Shmeltzer sent Eli in a video “Eli we think about you day and night we love you and can’t wait to rock at your wedding have a refua shelyama” AMEN