Unfortunately today was one of those days we hope Eli will soon forget. He was up a lot during the night having extreme pain from these sores he has in his mouth and on his tongue. The only thing that calmed him down was a in middle of the night stroll around the neighborhood. He refused to take his pain medication as the taste of it is horrible. Finally after many emails and calls at 11AM they finally got his prescription to the pharmacy for pills as opposed to liquid which wasn’t easy to swallow but once it hit Eli it somewhat helped.

These sores are a very common side effect to get after the kind of chemo he just finished. It was the first time since Eli was diagnosed that he really was very uncomfortable and in pain, hopefully this will go away when he wakes up. His blood counts are extremely low and he is also very weak. We are doing what we can to strengthen him while at the same time trying to keep him out of the hospital and beezrat hashem he won’t need the hospital until his next scheduled appointment.

Please daven that Elimelech Ben Basya should not have any more pain and that he should forget the last 24 hours as if they never happened and the sores should disappear. Hopefully Elis blood counts will begin to climb and he will be able to get the strength to continue this ugly fight against this machla.