As much as today was a world of a difference from yesterday unfortunately Eli still has a long way to feeling normal. Eli woke up in a good mood and not terribly nauseous and finally asked for food at about noon. He ate it and BH kept it down which he wasn’t able to do yesterday. The problem he is having is being extremely weak from the chemo, from a lack of eating, sleeping and the loss of weight. I had to give him the dreaded shot tonight which is extremely painful for him and possibly even harder for me to watch and do.

On WED morning is a CT scan to get an idea of how much the chemo has done and for the DR to get an idea on what he is up against for the surgery which will be scheduled based on the CT scan. We have very high hopes that most of the tumor has shrunk or disappeared and that the surgery will end up being a minor procedure.

Please continue as always to have Elimelech Ben Basya in mind in your tefilos etc. Even though the news is better then yesterday we have a very hard and long road ahead.