We really hope and daven that IYH when Eli wakes up tomorrow morning he will forget that the day before existed. It was to put it mildly a brutal day today. There was nothing that he was able to keep down and there was very little we could do. Usually a walk helps relieve the nausea but we tried that many times today it didn’t help. His medication didn’t help and it left Eli and us at a complete loss. Eli went to sleep extremely weak and exhausted from the little sleep he’s had to the violent vomiting he had today.

On a side note the good news in all this is that Eli wasn’t in any pain and didn’t have any fever so after speaking to the DR there was no reason to check him back into the hospital. Hopefully the night will solve the problem and he will get some sleep and wake up feeling somewhat human. This nausea is basically expected with this type of chemo that he received and generally takes a few days to recover from.

As a friend of ours told us right after Elimelech Ben Basya was diagnosed that sometimes the situation is harder on the caretaker then it is on the actual patient and today was definitely one of those days. We expect and know that only better days are ahead hopefully a lot sooner then later.

One thought on “3/17/13

  1. Chavi Hertz

    I can tell you from my own experience when your child is sick or undergoing any kind of pain, as a parent you can actually feel that pain. I remember when my daughter had back surgery at the age of 16, when a friend was visiting with us in the hospital she said exactly that. She said for the first time she understood what that expression meant. Watching me she could seeme internalize her pain, I felt it sear right through me. I wish I could take it away from both of you and I hope be’ezrat hashem it will not be as difficult in the future. Hopefully the near future will bring a swift recovery.
    With all my best wishes,

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