On Friday morning Eli woke up very nauseous and when he is nauseous he doesn’t want to talk to anyone else and no one Is allowed to talk so we let him just relax in his bed until the nausea eased off a little. He then played some games, relaxed and even took a nap. He ran the show as usual and was deciding when and how things should take place. Finally after he felt somewhat normal and we took a walk it was just after shkiya and Eli said “daddy time for kidush” so I made kidush and I ate a little and was begging him to eat but he was too scared he would throw up which BH he hadn’t this entire round. Finally he said let’s try the soup and that did the trick. He couldn’t get enough of it and literally ate 3 bowls of it and it really helped.

Friday night I was extremely unsatisfied with the nurse and her helper and really didn’t feel they were competent at all so I didn’t sleep as I was making sure the little I know would get done (which I had to remind her the basics). When Eli woke up shabos morning he was very adamant that “I had enough I want to go home”. So we pushed the DR to come see him first and she did and felt he was able and ready to leave. So at 10:15AM we got into a taxi and headed home. We got home and we were hoping Eli would relax and want to take it easy but he was having none of that and insisted we go to shul immediately so at 10:45 we were in shul for mussaf.

While BH Elimelech Ben Basya is home and his spirits are high he hasn’t been feeling well enough to eat at all today and is extremely weak. All of this is unfortunately the normal and is expected and hopefully with a little pushing he will quickly get back to himself over the next few days. A GUT VOCH