I woke up early in hopes of getting Eli checked in as early as possible. After getting the run around I decided to plead my case in person at CHLA when that didn’t work I knew we would be in for a long day. We made many calls and emails to no avail there were no beds available. Finally at 5PM we got the OK to come which we quickly did. After settling down in our room and the doctors and nurses doing their standard full checkup on Eli they started him on IV. And then the chemo started after 11PM and being that he has a small reaction they are going to have it go for 4 hours instead of the normal 2 hours so that his body will accept it.

Once again the part that has been extremely helpful during this very trying time is Elis great mood bli ayin hora. He makes everyone laugh and just calms the situation down with his tone. We also for the first time have another frum family Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigy Sarah in the same hallway as ours and that also helps. We have a long 4+ days ahead of us and we hope that the doctors will continue to be wrong (on the things we want them to be wrong on) and the expected nausea side effects will not take place.

Please continue to have Elimelech Ben Basya very much in mind in your tefilos and kabalos as he and we can definitely use them right about now. Hoping that all will stay somewhat smooth and pain free IYH until we see a complete Refua BKAROV.