Eli BH slept in pretty late today and woke up happy and hungry. He ate a nice amount and finally at about noon it was time to go back to CHLA to have his blood tested to see if his blood counts were well enough to begin chemo. Not surprisingly once again the doctors were wrong and his counts were a lot better then what they needed in order to begin but then uh oh… We forgot to tell you that Eli needed to submit a 12 hour urine test prior to starting this round of chemo. To say the least we were not happy. The lack of communication was very apparent and this one really hurt because now the earliest we can check in if they have a bed is Tuesday morning which means we will be stuck in CHLA for shabos.

Trying not to be to upset but its not easy. The last place anyone wants to be is CHLA ever and for sure not on shabos especially when it shouldn’t be. But like everything there is someone else that makes these decisions and we know it is for the best and hopefully we will get a sign to show us that.

The one thing that almost always keeps us going is the smile and easy going on Elimelech Ben Basyas face which again today he did not disappoint. Hopefully Tuesday morning will be as smooth as possible and there will be a bed as early as possible and this week and chodesh Nisan will only bring nachas, gezunt and especially refua to Eli and all cholim.