Eli was once again a good sport and even though they constantly woke him up during the night he hardly complained. He woke up a little earlier then we had wanted after going to sleep very late and being up so often. But true to the way he has been so far he was totally fine and for the most part in a good mood. After eating a pretty late lunch the side effects did start and Eli was left with no appetite to eat or drink. He is on IV always during chemo full of hydration so we don’t really have to worry about dehydration.

Its not easy for anyone to really know or understand what he is going thru and that’s why we try not to think about it and we are asking him every second what he may want to eat, drink, do etc and all I can say is whatever, whenever and however he wants it we get it and do it to keep him somewhat happy. When the nausea picked up this evening and Eli really was trying not to vomit the only thing he felt would be good for him was a outdoor walk. So at about 9PM we did just that with his IV and all went down the elevator outside and it really helped.

Hoping that the medication will keep the nausea away and all the side effects. Its getting late and they are about to start day 2 of 5 of round 5 of chemo and we keep davening that Elimelech Ben Basya will be able to have a good nights sleep undisturbed and the chemo should only do what its meant to do which is bring us a day closer to Elis full refua.