Finally after having a very rough last few days Eli finally seems to be slowly coming out of his deep nausea spell. While it did take until 6PM for him to take his first bite for the day when he finally did he ate a very nice amount. Best of all bli ayin hora he kept it all down. While he does continue to drink a very nice amount he needs to gain weight and eat a lot of calories which is what we try getting him to do all day. Finally it looks like we are succeeding.

Eli had some very choshuveh visitors today which definetly contributed a lot to his mood being better and him having more strength then he has had of late. His rebbi Rabbi Jacobs came and learned with him this afternoon which Eli has not been up to doing lately do BH he is back on that track. And then this evening thanks to a local rov Eli got a special visit from the Pinsk Karlin Rebbe who is in LA for a very short stay and spent 30 minutes with Eli in our home and it ended with a very special Brocha which lit Eli’s face up “Eli I want you at this time next year to come visit me in Eretz Yisroel”.

Everyone’s tefilos are definetly helping us and Elimelech Ben Basya get thru these past few difficult days and months. Beezrat Hashem we will only continue to have good news and reports on Eli bsoch shaar choley Yisroel and we should be Zoche to see Eli and all Cholim have a full refua BKAROV.