We are slowly getting Eli back to some normalcy finally. While it does take pretty long in the morning to get himself together and to get over the nausea each day BH has gotten better. Once the afternoon comes he is almost himself and is now finally eating a somewhat normal meal and a decent amount of it. We have finally set up a WII game in the house which not only helps to keep Eli occupied it is also very good that it makes him do exercise. Our goal after each round is to try to get him back to the full strength or as close as possible to that so he can continue fighting.

Bassy works all day on every aspect of Eli from arranging his day to taking care of his basic needs and most of all her love that makes Eli feel so warm and happy all this with a smile even though some days are extremely tough. While Eli isn’t really old enough to understand how hard it is for us to see him going through this it gives him a sense of relief knowing he can call on my wife or myself at any second of the day.

We are out to make sure Elimelech Ben Basya only has the best care and the most love and we are doing all this knowing that WE WILL beezrat hashem overcomes this machla and Eli will IYH have a FULL recovery BKAROV