The day began very early in the morning with Eli waking up many times throughout the night with nausea and vomiting. It was finally at 11:30AM that Eli felt up to getting out of bed for some fresh air. We took a long walk and got him his favorite drink from coffee bean. He then got back into bed and relaxed until he decided at 5PM that he was in the mood out of all things a big steak. We ran and ordered him one and he couldn’t get enough of it and bli ayin hora ate the whole thing. I say bli ayin hora because seeing Eli lose the amount of weight he has lost in the last week is quite scary but BH seeing him finally hopefully starting to eat again is a very good sign. He then even insisted on joining me for some super bowl fun and it was great to see him laugh and enjoy.

His lost weight caused us a lot of concern as we contemplated taking him back to the hospital but they told us that being that he is drinking which BH he is doing a lot of and he doesn’t have fever sadly in this situation this is considered normal. We will be working as hard as possible to have Eli eat as much as possible in hopes that he will get his full healthy appetite back.

Beezrat Hashem Elimelech Ben Basya will start gaining weight and full strength in the coming days so that he will be able to try to do what most other kids his age are doing and enjoy life. BH a little relief we do have is that Eli is not in any pain and when he isn’t nauseous he still has his funny jokes and personality. Hoping to have only good news BKAROV. Thank you to everyone who keeps Eli and our family in their tefilos