After finally getting home from CHLA after a very rough week Eli finally made it to the new house where everything was set perfectly for him. Eli insisted that he go to Shul Friday night so i reluctantly took him. Unfortunately he was very weak so I pushed him in a stroller so he can be where he loves to be SHUL. He enjoyed being there davened a little had a candy and said gut shabos to everyone. We were hoping that he would be up to eating but he really wasn’t and after kidush he went to bed. Hoping he would get a good night sleep without all the disturbances he gets while in the hospital. However he woke up a few times to throw up the liquid which was the only thing he had in his system.

Shabos morning we ate by a friend and Eli said all he wants is chulent which we were very happy to give him being it was the first food that he wanted to eat since Wednesday morning! He had 2 bowls of chulent and BH seemed very happy and so were we. Eli rested for most of the afternoon and then again insisted on going to Shul for mincha the only problem was once we got there he got very nauseous from the smell of the shalosh seudos food so we couldn’t stay.

We are hoping Elimelech Ben Basya wakes up tommorow with a stronger appetite so we can get him to eat and hold the food down as he is extremely skinny and weak at this current time. We have 2 weeks IYH until the next round of chemo and we hope to have Eli with all his strength and good modes back way before then so that he can continue this fight on the way to his complete refuah BKAROV. A GUT VOCH