BH we can add another great day to the list that will hopefully stay this way. Eli woke up in a great mood and his mood and appetite just continued to get better thru out the day. He had a very big lunch and then decided even though it’s barely 60 degrees outside that we should have a BBQ so that’s what we did and wow did he eat. We have the Eli of old times back and hopefully here to stay this way. Eli has definetly gained a nice amount of weight from the low he was at about 10 days ago when he finished the rough round of chemo.

Rabbi Jacobs came again today and learned with Eli and it’s been a huge chizuk for Eli as we have finally figured out a way that will make him want his rebbi to come and learn with him and even to be reviewing his Chumash in bed at night $0.25 a posuk and he and we are loving the results. His rebbi and morah have been exceptionally special and caring towards Eli and we wil never properly be able to thank them.

IYH the good days for Elimelech Ben Basya are here to stay and we continue to daven that this will be the case in hopes of seeing Eli have a full refua BKAROV.