The news is BH getting only better with Eli having a perfect day full of relaxing and eating and that’s the way we like it. He woke up with a full appetite and we made sure from morning to night everything he wanted to eat he got asap. Eli spent the day with all of us just in total relaxation mode. He seems close to be getting back his sense of humor which we have missed lately.

We were zoche this morning to be the Kvater at the bris of our friends the Habers. We used the opportunity to daven on behalf of Eli that the next few days, weeks and months go by better then planned and with chas vshalom no side effects. This afternoon I spent with a few other fathers of RL very sick children relaxing at a hotel arranged by Chai Lifeline and got to know some of them and learn from others. IYH all of us should be zoche to dance by our childrens Bar mitzvas, Chasunas and all and only simchas

As the good days hopefully are here to stay the only way we know that is possible to happen is with everyone keeping Elimelech Ben Basya in mind in ALL their tefillos and kabalos on his behalf. Hopefully Chodesh Adar will bring what its supposed to bring which is ONLY Simcha during this trying time. Even though we have had a relatively good week there still remains many decisions, treatments, and a long road ahead of us that we hope will only get better for Eli and all of us.

One thought on “2/10/13

  1. sandy feldmar

    miss you all very much ,does the charity your working with want blankets, hats, scarves in eli’s honor. love sandy feldmar

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