Eli had another great relaxing day today. He spent the morning at home and then went to lunch with Bassy and a friend In a convertible which he loved. This afternoon he had a friend and his morah come and hang out and play with him in the house which he really enjoyed as well. BH his apetitie is getting bigger and better daily as well bli ayin hora.

IYH on Wed morning Eli had a scheduled doctors appointment and this by far has been the longest stretch since the diagnosis that he hasn’t been to CHLA. Hopefully and beezrat Hashem this will be exactly what it’s meant to be which is just a routine scheduled checkup to make sure all is continuing on the right path and that Eli is strong enough to begin round 4 of chemo on Monday morning.

Please keep Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley Yisroel in mind in hopes that Eli and everyone else that needs a refuah gets exactly what they need as quick as they need with no complications or side effects. We are hoping to stay on this path of only having good news.