Eli woke up prepared and ready for round 3 of chemo but the hospital was not quite ready for Eli. There were no beds available and luckily we called ahead so we didn’t need to be sitting around waiting for that to happen. Finally at 1:00PM a bed opened and Eli was on his way. After finally settling down they started the IV at 4:00PM with a hydration drip to make sure Eli’s body was ready for the chemo. Finally at 10:00PM the chemo started and didn’t end until 1:30AM and bli ayin hora the immediate side effects we were warned about didn’t happen “Halevy vayter”.

While this was day 1of 4 in this harsh 3rd round we are hoping that Eli’s great mood will continue to lead us thru this trying time and session. Eli’s class in Toras Emes lead by his morah has been calling every day lately and while he is a little shy on the phone he really enjoys it and it has also been lifting his spirits. They also sent a beautiful large poster with a picture of each child with a cute short note from each child personally to Eli. Thank you Morah

Please as always continue to daven for Elimelech Ben Basya that Eli and all of us should continue to have the strength to get thru these tough trying few days and months ahead. We look forward to be besuros tovos bkarov