At about 10:30PM day 2 of this 3rd round of chemo began. This after Eli Bli ayin hora had a great day with none of the expected side effects. The day started with some games and just relaxing and continued with Eli entertaining the hospital staff. He spent the afternoon with a very close family friend who gave us a 5 hour break allowing us to get a few things done.

As the days of treatment continue we have unfortunately become familiar with a lot of the very wonderful staff at CHLA and know most nurses and doctors. Eli has his favorite nurses and some not such favorites and so do we. On Wedsnsday we have a full day planned for Eli as we have a lot going on at home that we need to deal with. iYH Eli’s great mood will continue and the side effects will be non existent.

Hoping to continue having only good reports on behalf of our Elimelech Ben Basya and that thru our zchusim and tefilos we will continue to see Eli do extremely well under the circumstances. These days are very tiring and trying but we do it knowing the outcome will beezrat Hashem be days of only nachas and gezunt from Eli and the rest of our family

One thought on “1/29/13

  1. Chavi Hertz

    I’m so glad to hear he’s getting through it without too much difficulty although I am sure that is an overstatement, however, every good day is another day conquered. May he continue to be strong and may your entire family be zocheh to a quick and full recovery.

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